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Hell is Frozen

This is Kevin and I’m the first to report that hell has frozen over. Why?

Neil picked Jim Furyk for this week’s Bridgestone Invitational.

For anyone who knows Neil, there are a few things he hates with a passion. I won’t name them all, but I can assure you, Jim Furyk is near the top of that list. Vijay Singh is most likely number 1.

I called his local suicide prevention hotline, but they said I’m like the 50th person to call.

So they’ve got it under control.

I think they’re getting word to Furyk that he needs to win or some crazy guy is gonna lose it.

The only explanation is Neil has given up on life. Right?

Anyway, I picked Keegan Bradley this week.

Get well soon Neil.

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I Don’t Noh Anything

Dispatch from Kevin…

I picked Blixt last week for The Open. Mistake. Oh well, Rory M wasn’t available. WE MOVE ON!

Slight problem. I still don’t know anything about picking winners.

So who to pick for the RBC Canadian Open? When you don’t know, go Noh. New saying. Winning saying…? The pick is Seung-Yul Noh.

PS – “Noh” is derived from the Sino-Japanese word for “skill” or “talent” (wiki)…Noh is Korean though, does that matter?

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On Baldness

This is Kevin and it’s no secret  my hair is going. So I’ve come to trust in baldness – if only because I have no other choice.

I’m using a baldness filter this week for the Greenbrier pick. Luckily, there are several bald golfers.

By the way, I’m well ahead (472nd place) of Neil (679th) in the head-to-head standings. Just pointing that out! [Truth: we both suck]

But yes, back to baldness. For some, baldness is just the symptom of an abnormally active brain. For others, it’s from a lack of personal hygiene. Not sure yet where I fall on that scale…

What I’m getting at is I’d like a smart bald guy. And since this is Greenbrier, having him be a bible-thumper wouldn’t hurt either. On top of that, a good history at the tourney and at-least-decent recent form would round out my pick nicely.

Does anyone check all those boxes?

Why yes. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Bill Haas!

Bill is a smart guy – he went to Wake Forest.

And even better, he majored in Religious Studies! At least one of the core courses had to be RLG 260 Bible Thumping Techniques…or maybe that’s a capstone? Doesn’t matter.

Good history? Check – T9 last year, T33 in ’12, lost in a playoff in ’11.

At-least-decent recent form? Good enough for me.

Oh, and he hit a shot worth $10 million bucks once. Clutch.

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