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Streaky Time…

First I’d just like to let everyone know that I did survive last weekend, though I didn’t watch any of Jim Furyk – to ensure my life of course.

And second, I’m going with the Streaky player.  KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.  Rory is the best player right now and I will make him suck.  Go Rory McIlroy and make it another Glory Shot this weekend at the PGA Championship!

Hoping for this streak to continue…




But will probably end up with this streak…


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Hell is Frozen

This is Kevin and I’m the first to report that hell has frozen over. Why?

Neil picked Jim Furyk for this week’s Bridgestone Invitational.

For anyone who knows Neil, there are a few things he hates with a passion. I won’t name them all, but I can assure you, Jim Furyk is near the top of that list. Vijay Singh is most likely number 1.

I called his local suicide prevention hotline, but they said I’m like the 50th person to call.

So they’ve got it under control.

I think they’re getting word to Furyk that he needs to win or some crazy guy is gonna lose it.

The only explanation is Neil has given up on life. Right?

Anyway, I picked Keegan Bradley this week.

Get well soon Neil.

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It’s the Tournament No One Cares About…

Because it’s in Canada!!!

I kid, I kid, eh.  It’s really the tournament that no one cares about because every has jet-lag and a Guinness hangover from playing the Open Championship last weekend, eh.  And those that didn’t go across the pond for the Major – well, they probably aren’t good enough to win this week, eh.

With that said and in lieu of doing my research to make my selection for the RBC Canadian Open – I choose to watch this humorous golf music video that I found on the twittersphere from @ShaneBacon.

Thanks for the laugh, eh.  And my pick is, eh, Bo Van Pelt.  Why not, eh?  I contemplated a Canadian connection, like Hearn & DeLaet and also the guilty by association Canadian connection to Dustin Johnson through the Gretzky lineage, but in the end, settled on BVP.

You want a reason, eh, well – let’s just say I had a feeling and nothing else has worked in picking winners, so maybe this strategy will.


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