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It’s the Tournament No One Cares About…

Because it’s in Canada!!!

I kid, I kid, eh.  It’s really the tournament that no one cares about because every has jet-lag and a Guinness hangover from playing the Open Championship last weekend, eh.  And those that didn’t go across the pond for the Major – well, they probably aren’t good enough to win this week, eh.

With that said and in lieu of doing my research to make my selection for the RBC Canadian Open – I choose to watch this humorous golf music video that I found on the twittersphere from @ShaneBacon.

Thanks for the laugh, eh.  And my pick is, eh, Bo Van Pelt.  Why not, eh?  I contemplated a Canadian connection, like Hearn & DeLaet and also the guilty by association Canadian connection to Dustin Johnson through the Gretzky lineage, but in the end, settled on BVP.

You want a reason, eh, well – let’s just say I had a feeling and nothing else has worked in picking winners, so maybe this strategy will.


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I Don’t Noh Anything

Dispatch from Kevin…

I picked Blixt last week for The Open. Mistake. Oh well, Rory M wasn’t available. WE MOVE ON!

Slight problem. I still don’t know anything about picking winners.

So who to pick for the RBC Canadian Open? When you don’t know, go Noh. New saying. Winning saying…? The pick is Seung-Yul Noh.

PS – “Noh” is derived from the Sino-Japanese word for “skill” or “talent” (wiki)…Noh is Korean though, does that matter?

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Episode 31: Woody Freakin’ Austin Wins and Our Blonde Moment…

Congrats to Phil, and sorry that 61% of your winnings over the past 2 weeks of winning in Europe are going back to the government.  Taxes are a bitch!

With that, we’ve moved on from The Open Championship and praised our Hall of Fame member Woody Austin for his great performance and win at the Sanderson Farms Championship here in the U.S., while the A-class played in Scotland. Cheers and we will drink to your victory Woody!

However, a combination of Woody’s glory and a new pick strategy ended with us going “limp” and having a brief blonde moment. Listen and enjoy our stupidity, but please note that our SwingCoachShow.com pick cannot be the stylish Vegas product Ryan Moore, since he isn’t in the @RBCCanadianOpen field.

Listen to this episode  (warning: explicit language)

Download this episode (right click and save)  (warning: explicit language)

Making up for our ditziness, we went with Luke Donald for our SwingCoachShow.com pick. Be sure to listen to hear our pick for @SwingCoachShow, who is actually in the field. Here’s a hint – #SwedeOn.





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