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It’s the Tournament No One Cares About…

Because it’s in Canada!!!

I kid, I kid, eh.  It’s really the tournament that no one cares about because every has jet-lag and a Guinness hangover from playing the Open Championship last weekend, eh.  And those that didn’t go across the pond for the Major – well, they probably aren’t good enough to win this week, eh.

With that said and in lieu of doing my research to make my selection for the RBC Canadian Open – I choose to watch this humorous golf music video that I found on the twittersphere from @ShaneBacon.

Thanks for the laugh, eh.  And my pick is, eh, Bo Van Pelt.  Why not, eh?  I contemplated a Canadian connection, like Hearn & DeLaet and also the guilty by association Canadian connection to Dustin Johnson through the Gretzky lineage, but in the end, settled on BVP.

You want a reason, eh, well – let’s just say I had a feeling and nothing else has worked in picking winners, so maybe this strategy will.


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