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Hell is Frozen

This is Kevin and I’m the first to report that hell has frozen over. Why?

Neil picked Jim Furyk for this week’s Bridgestone Invitational.

For anyone who knows Neil, there are a few things he hates with a passion. I won’t name them all, but I can assure you, Jim Furyk is near the top of that list. Vijay Singh is most likely number 1.

I called his local suicide prevention hotline, but they said I’m like the 50th person to call.

So they’ve got it under control.

I think they’re getting word to Furyk that he needs to win or some crazy guy is gonna lose it.

The only explanation is Neil has given up on life. Right?

Anyway, I picked Keegan Bradley this week.

Get well soon Neil.

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More Akron 2 Dolla Hollas

We already had:

KJ Choi (Kevin) v Badds the Goat (Neil)
Strick (K) v Kuch (N)

Add to the list:

DJ (K) v Kaymer (N)
Branden Grace (K) v Ben “slow-mo” Crane (N)
Colsaerts (K) v Keegan (N) – the Boomer Battle
Bing Bang Bong – aka Sang-Moon Bae – (K) v Freddy J (N)
Justin Rose (K) v Zachariah Johnson (N)

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2 Dolla Holla, Akron Style

We’ve got some 2 Dolla Holla bets lined up for the Bridgestone Invitational in lovely Akron, Ohio, the city that brought us members of Devo.

Bets so far:
KJ Choi (Kevin) v Badds the Goat (Neil)
Strick (K) v Kuch (N)

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