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Streaky Time…

First I’d just like to let everyone know that I did survive last weekend, though I didn’t watch any of Jim Furyk – to ensure my life of course.

And second, I’m going with the Streaky player.  KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.  Rory is the best player right now and I will make him suck.  Go Rory McIlroy and make it another Glory Shot this weekend at the PGA Championship!

Hoping for this streak to continue…




But will probably end up with this streak…


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Righting the Ship for @SwingCoachShow

Okay…so here it goes for @SwingCoachShow following another case of our gentlemen golfer being “Swing-Coached” (a new term I’ve coined similar to the age old “Munsoned” term made popular by Ernie McCracken from Kingpin. Photo evidence of Bill Murray’s sheer awesomeness if you aren’t familiar…


With that said, AND JUST BEFORE THE BUZZER, I’m going to give you the “run around” on the Blue’s @TravelersChamp.

  • Justin Rose:  Not sure if the pump is still primed…go back for more water or gatorade as I’d imagine he is still drunk from his US Open victory, as any good Euro would be. (OUT)
  • Mark Leishman:  Can he repeat…I say no.  Pete and repeat were on a boat…Pete fell off, who was left? (OUT)
  • Keegan Bradley:  Used to be good, but had a horrid  US Open.  I like a guy in good form. (OUT)
  • Bubba Watson:  I still think he hit his high with the Master’s victory and the rest of life for him is pretty much cake, for that reason and despite his good history, buybye! (OUT)
  • Hunter Mahan:  Will be trendy after his run at the US Open, but that doesn’t do it for me (OUT)
  • Colsearts/Fowler:  Both had good showings last week, but neither scream to me “I’m going to win this damn thing!”  (BOTH OUT)
  • Carl “Cheeseburger” Petterrsson:  No list is complete without a little cheese, plus we took a #SwedeOff last week, so maybe it is time to #SwedeON  (CONSIDERED)
  • BVP:  Solid ball striker that can tear up par 5’s, just have to get the flat stick going consistently (CONSIDERED)
  • Zach Johnson:  I definitely have interest with him, but we’ve already selected him.  (CAN’T PICK)
  • Which leaves me with Jason Dufner.  I like his form after a solid Sunday at the US Open and let’s be honest he is due to take another streaky run like he did last year. (MY PICK)

And since we are on the whole creating a verb thing…might as well support “Dufnering” for the weekend and a win!


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