Here at The Swing Coach Show, we use some lingo that may not be familiar, recognizable or even make sense to most normal folks. Here’s a primer to get you up to speed.

Swing Coach

Ah yes, the namesake of our show. A swing coach is someone who helps improve the golf swing. Some golfers hire Hank Haney for that.

At The Swing Coach Show, a swing coach is a little different. We don’t hire people – we’re poor. We employ a liquid to improve our swings:

2 Dolla Holla

These are $2 bets on…well, almost anything. And sometimes they drop to $1 or rise to more than $2. It’s all about the feel.

Neil and Kevin have been doing this for a couple years now, always keeping track of the running total. We’ll update the 2 Dolla Holla status each time bets are made.

Van de Velde Award

The Swing Coach Show likes to highlight failure. One could argue this entire enterprise is an exercise in failure, but we’ll leave that banter to the pundits.

The Van de Velde Award is given periodically to any man, woman, child, event, whatever, that fails in a noteworthy way. Jean van de Velde is one of the pinnacles of failure, having blown a large lead on the last hole of The Open Championship in spectacular fashion.

While the above failure is on a grand stage, the Van de Velde Award is not exclusive to grand stages. For example, if Neil runs into a pole while trying to run an out route at an MSU tailgate (Go Green!), he will win the award – especially if there’s video.

Here’s another great example of failure:

Breakfast Ball

Simply another name for a mulligan. This term is especially appropriate when teeing off early in the morning after a night on the town. A bit of advice – when seeing double or triple on the first tee, swing for the middle – hard.


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