The “Swing Coach” Show

We said we were going to do a podcast and this is us putting our money where our mouth is.  As a couple of golf hacks, we thought what better way to improve our games than to talk a big game.  That is exactly what we will do as we banter/bicker/bitch about golfers and sports in general.  Our ultimate goal of The “Swing Coach” Show is to entertain and spark discussion as we pick a golfer that we believe will win each week on the PGA Tour.  With that said, our podcast/blog name comes was sparked by nothing more than…booze!  At an annual golf outing that we participate in a fifth of your liking has been deemed the “Swing Coach” and after a bad (or even good) shot the “Swing Coach” is there to lend a helping hand.

So, without further ado…below are the golf hacks of The “Swing Coach” Show.

Kevin Tuczek – Golf Hack

Little man with a big ego appetite for destruction and the lead golfer of this podcast.  I’ll be looking for insights and fodder from my caddy, Neil.

Swing Coach Show

This is my Green Jacket. Go Green!

Swing Coach Show

My hero...and twin. We have matching receding hairlines.

Neil DeVries – Caddy Extraordinaire

Enjoying a pull from the real "Swing Coach!"

Swing Coach Show

A member of my dream foursome!

A much larger man than Kevin, literally & by far the better golfer of The Swing Coach Show duo.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Jac Thomas says:

    Good stuff fellas!

  2. Margaret says:

    Pretty cute guys!!

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